Monday, October 20, 2014

Basic Instincts !

The gut is a powerful friend. It helps us take decisions very quickly. It helps us process information which we won’t factor in our most deep analysis. It somehow knows more than our consciousness. Simply, it’s a better tool for us to navigate through difficulties in life. And yes, when I say gut, I mean the part of our intelligence who’s working we can’t understand yet. 

But does it always work ? Maybe no. After all, it processes only that information which it already has, albeit in a much better way than we can do logically. Consciously, we can only analyse a few factors to take decisions. Our gut can analyse hundreds of factors simultaneously and give a result quickly. It is the richest gift of evolution to humans. The question is, how do we develop superior instincts ?

First, you have to be close to yourself. The people who care about others and what they will think of their actions, can never have a reliable instinct mechanism. They are just too influenced for their gut to work independently. The external thoughts will interfere in working of the sixth sense. If such people tell you that their gut is saying something, do yourself a favour and ignore that advice. People who are close to their inner self and thoughts, who shield themselves from external influences, generally have stronger instincts. Their gut can process available information much freely. Such people often judge things and people around them very quickly and accurately. Don’t turn an eye just like that if they give you a tip. 

Second, your gut is only as strong as the information it has. So fill in your mind with information. Give yourself as many life experiences as possible. Read as much as you can. Try out different things in life. Do some adventures, take some risks, take the path less travelled. Make mistakes, go through struggles, see some failures, see some success. Travel a lot. Talk to people. And before you know, you will be a story teller. You will have many stories to tell to everyone. And your gut will have abundant information to give you some sense in most situations.

Cultivate and hone your instincts. It’s a very powerful tool. And even if you are not interested to develop your gut, or if you are too lazy to get experiences, travel or read, just do one thing. Stop getting affected by others. Focus on yourself and get close to your thoughts. Just this one thing will make your life a more beautiful journey.  

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  1. Nice thoughts. You will definitely write a book down the lane...